Meet Our Resdients

Victorian at Riverside Residents hail from Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, and beyond. Each woman has her likes and dislikes, her own interests that make her special, and at CLH we respect that individuality. The women engage in daily planned activities, as they wish — Bingo is especially beloved. Residents enjoy fresh air and sunshine when they can, a nap when they feel like it. They’ll dig into a delicious fried chicken leg or pizza slice as well as meal favorites from earlier eras such as pimento cheese sandwiches and fish sticks. Art, music, and song enrich their days; visitors are particularly welcome. CLH women live as independently as they are able, and receive care when they need or ask for it. Our Home’s small size guarantees that each resident is known by her name and her unique personality. At VAR we are a family, a family that cares.